Wide range of Solutions

Shriram Coatings offers several types of AC motors from 56 to 132L frame size (up to 10 HP) in Single phase (up to 2 Hp 2P) and three phases (up to 10 Hp 2P/4P/6P/8P).



Portfolio #1

Standard Motor

Shriram Coatings has wide range of motors in single phase and three phases induction motor with frame size of 56 to 112M and 56 to 132 L respectively.
Single phase motors – 0.25 Hp to 3.0 Hp ( 960 to 3000 RPM)
Three phase motors – 0.25 Hp to 10 Hp   ( 960 to 3000 RPM)


Portfolio #3

Crane & Hoist Duty Motors

A sequence identical duty cycles each consisting of a period of starting, a period of operation at constant load, a period of braking and a rest period. The operating and reenergized periods being too short to obtain thermal equilibrium during one duty cycle. In this duty braking is rapid and is carried out electrically.


Portfolio #4

Poultry farm ventilation Fan & Motors

These motors are designed so as to keep motor totally enclosed so that it is prevented from dirt and accumulation of feather of the bird and decrease cost of maintenance.
The motors are made with ‘F’ class insulation. The motors are available both in single and three phase.


Portfolio #7

Special Motors

We offer various types of motors with special electrical and mechanical requirement of the customer for the special application.