The standard test programms are divided into four parts: routine tests type tests, optional tests and special tests. The outline test program is done to every machine. Type test is performed in addition to routine tests normally to one of the machines of a series of similar machine or by a request of the customer. Optional tests are additional type tests subject to mutual agreement between purchaser and the manufacturer. Special condition e.g. roller table, hazardous areas, cranes applications. The special test program is specified by the customers / consultant / standards bureaus.




Portfolio #1

ISO 9001 - 2008 Certification

Towards world class manufacturing, we shall integrate 5S and TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) with ISO 9001 International Quality Management System Standard. We shall review the quality policy and objectives periodically for their continuing suitability.




 Dimensions  Vibration severity test  Insulation resistance test
 Measurement of resistance of stator  Sound level measurement  Measurement of resistance of the stator
 Locked rotor test  Degree of protection test  Locked rotor test
 Temperature rise test  Temp. rise test at limiting values of  voltage & frequency variation  No load test
 Full load test  Over speed test  Reduced voltage running test
 No load test at rated voltage  Test on insulation system  High voltage test
 Reduced voltage running test
 Momentary overload test
 Insulation resistance test
 High voltage test


Delight our customers
Continually improve at all spheres of activities.
Make suppliers as partners in process
Provide need based training to employees.
Adopt technology up-gradation as an ongoing process.
Meet and exceed safety, health and environmental norms.

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